the building phase

You have the vision

We have the plan

that money


You have big dreams of building a small business with a big purpose. You have the drive, the passion, and the vision- all you need is a framework. 
I'm going to help you cut through the noise with a clear plan for what you should- and shouldn't- be focused on. Ready to make                          while you also make 


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You can’t “hustle” your way to 6 figures.

You’re a go-getter. Ambitious is your middle name. Better still, you genuinely care about serving your clients well. If a cup of coffee and a work ethic were all it took to uplevel your business, you’d be set. And yet…you often feel overwhelmed by shiny-object syndrome, paralyzed by comparison, and unsure how to stand out in a noisy space.

Can I get an amen?!

Truth is, working harder, faster, longer is great...until it isn’t. DIY-ing your business gets you started, but it doesn’t get you to the next level (you know, the “vacationing in the Bahamas while your business runs in the background” level). My courses and coaching programs are designed to help you master the fundamentals of running a sustainable online business and get the support, accountability, and proven strategies you need to reach your goals. 

These aren't baby steps. These are the principles that will get you all the way to 6-figures.

I know we just met, but can we get real for a sec?

The self-made ceo

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Zero to 6-figure foundations. Build a profitable business on your terms.

The course is the framework I used to build out a 6-figure business in months- at the height of a pandemic. I'll walk you through everything you need to know to create your own wildly successful business, as well as the things you DON'T need to focus on at this stage. Take the overwhelm and confusion out of the picture by cutting through the noise and focusing on what matters.

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Crystal-clear clarity on your offer and messaging

A list of high-ticket clients who become raving fans

Confidently price your offers for profitability and impact

A business built for scalability (like those 5-figure months coming your way!)

1:1 Coaching

Anyone with vision and heart can create a thriving, profitable business. 
You just need the right support.

As a certified coach I bring both the strategy and expertise to support your transformative results. We cover everything from confidence and money mindset to clarifying your offers and decluttering the noise in your brain so you can own your space in the world. 
Ready to magnify your gifts and step into your power?

let's go.


launched her daydream

"Sarah has amazing attention to detail and goes above and beyond to bring your vision to life."

Sarah is an amazing lady of talent. She is fabulous at what she does and has amazing attention to detail; she took the time to understand our brand and really went above and beyond to bring our business' vision to life. 
Thank you so much!

"I thank my lucky stars I came across The Simple Flourish! "


doubled his 9-5 income and took his side-hustle full-time

I thank my lucky stars I came across The Simple Flourish. Sarah was truly amazing to work with, she not only helped me create exactly what I had hoped for, she exceeded my expectations!


Growth is hard.



is as painful

as staying where you

don't belong.

101 Skills You Can Make Money With Today

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