hey, I'm sarah

I’m your lovingly tell-it-like-it-is BFF who pushes you to dream bigger.

Small businesses make the biggest impact (making up 99.9% of businesses in the US). I also know it’s possible to run a fulfilling, sustainable, and profitable business without confusion, exhaustion, or overwhelm. 

How do I know? I’ve done it. My journey from bootstrapping to a 6-figure social media agency and coaching business is full of twists and turns- I want to help ease some of yours.

Social media+business strategist
and certified coach
 who believes small businesses make the biggest impact.

I started The Simple Flourish as a lean side-hustle to help pay the bills. I didn’t know what I was doing, I just knew we needed money.

But as I applied my background in corporate management, brand strategy, and coaching while continuing my education through advanced marketing programs, my business and expertise grew significantly.

My goals evolved, and I started to realize that I could do more than buy groceries. I went all-in; I hired a support dream-team, created systems and processes (that forced us to look at our workflows and improve them), and continue to invest in education and solutions that level us up.

I now get to marry coaching, branding, and marketing in a unique blend of solutions for my clients' businesses.  

Put simply: I’m in the business of helping bold women like you grow their businesses through thought leadership, community building, and elevated client experiences. I want you to increase your income so you can invest in your impact.

Our agency offers a range of support- from monthly strategy sessions and and VIP days to white-glove management- so that we can meet you wherever you're at in business.

I had no idea at the time... 

Your dreams want you to stop playing small.

I've told you my story and now it's time you owned yours.
You want to build the business that brings you dream clients and financial freedom, and shortcuts and duct tape solutions won't cut it.

You don't have to do it alone- even if you are currently. It's time for you to pour the gas on your goals. 

Let's go.

You ready? Me too


we will operate within our values even if it's hard or unpopular. we believe in accountability and transparency and are always learning. 


we believe wider social impact begins with people and small businesses. we seek to create experiences that further opportunities for underrepresented, marginalized, and historically oppressed communities.

more women making more money

we believe in closing the socioeconomic/financial gender gap and challenging societal norms. we stand against systemic and institutionalized oppression. 

purposeful optimism

we commit to only seeing the best in others and approach life and business with a  solution-focused perspective.

The Ground Rules 

the daily grind

"I HAVE A DEEPLY HIDDEN and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life."



ready to make some moves?

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If you're ready to create a community of perfect-fit followers, build your authority, and scale your business- all while gaining significant time back in your day- let's talk. 

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